Rommerskirchen Cycle Jumble

First time I went – and a good thing it was, too. I liked the atmosphere,


met a number of people, and also found two interesting items, one at a very reasonable price, about which I´ll write another post later.

In general, however, I´m afraid my opinion about any sort of cycle jumble/swap meet has not changed. While there certainly were a number of great bicycles, both for sale and to look at, as well as other material of good quality,


however, there definitively were other, less easily described items, too.

Like this here bike:

XRfakecolnheadThe three yard test is OK, but then what a disappointment:


And, would you believe it, the painter actually seemed to be proud of this falsification as he had stuck a large sticker with his firm´s name on onto the left hand side chainstay.

Also there was a great number of cheapo bits for sale. I honestly wonder if there were any of these sold, but then who knows.

XRceapoderbox XRchainsetsXRlevers


One cheapo bike was unusual at least.

XRGoldbrakecal XRgoldchainsXRRRThe bag alone is worth buying here, I guess. To finish off the short post, some more general impressions.

XRclothes XRClassic?XRbelg



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