The Two-Event-Day

On May 17, I got on a bike, rode in two events, had great fun, and nearly forgot about it. How horrible.

First, there was the RTF/century in neighbouring Stemwede-Levern to where I usually cycle, but this year I took the car because after the 08.00 hrs start for the short route 75km there,



The 1931 Miele standing next to some more likely bikes for a century ride


next to the the first control post (And look at the weather!)


I arrived back by about 11.00hrs, loaded the bike again to drive to Enger, another place not too far away. I just made it in time for the 13.oo hrs start of the veteran ride there. Phew.

In fact, I was a little early and was able to have a look at the location of the start of today´s ride #2. It is the Widukind-Museum, which took part in the national open museum day that day.


EnmusEnsymbWidukind was a Saxon duke who led a resistance movement against Charlemagne between 777 and 785. Subsequently he became a mythical figure in the early 20th century for German nationalists and neo-pagans, being pressed into posthumous service by the fascists as well by being made into a symbol of Germany fighting France in the person of Charlemagne.

The Enger museum originally was a memorial place erected in 1938, and embellished with all sorts of reliefs around the entrance, like the Odal rune (above, under the word “Gedächtnisstätte”, in the sérif version) which is a symbol for inheritance, lineage, possession. When I looked around, I could find no explanation what those embellishments mean and what they were used for in Germany´s darkest era. I think that luckily knowledge of these things has been lost in the vast majority of Germans, but still the absence of any sort of explanatory note left a somewhat stale aftertaste.

Soon, however, a number of fellow veteran bike nuts arrived, and the atmosphere became somewhat less inclined to brooding.



We then set off on a well-chosen trail, mostly following a disused railway line.

EngruppoThere was a major break on the way, of course, during which the bikes could be looked at, old friendships could be renewed and new ones made. That´s life, I´d say.

EnHWMEnOP EnPause2 EnPause

EnDürkWe then arrived at our destination, a veteran car meet in a neighbouring village, lined up our bikes,


and were content with the fact that we were regarded by the motor people as slightly odd, possibly retarded, but definitively to be healed.

Nevertheless, there were some nice vehiclesENautos2 EnAutos1 to be looked at.

Some, however, were not really that nice. There was a 50s Chevy which seemed to consist of nothing but putty, and this VW wasn´t much better, either.

ENVWsidepanelI was sorely tempted to draw an Odal rune onto this thing with a screwdriver. Maybe we should try to convert the owner to the real religion.

After a short stay, I went off on my own, returned to Enger, loaded the Miele and went home. I´ll be back next year, for sure, even if the old car meet is included again.


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