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Two Steel Framed Rides (Rohloff, RIH)

Here I am again, but only for short report on two interesting rides. Can anyone fill me in on what happened while I wasn´t looking? Weeks with hundreds of visitors although I had not posted anything? I guess I should stop altogether, this seems to net the views.

Anyway, about a month ago, during the first week of school, a colleague fell ill, and I had to stand in for him. Nothing unusual it seems, only I stood in on a cycleride. Year 13 Advanced Level Geography class had to be shepherded by two people, one preferably knowing his way with bikes (and boy, was it needed), so I accompanied the herd together with the colleague who is the class teacher. The idea was to have a closer look at the Ruhr, but for the first day I had a closer look at neglected bikes, it seemed, but as I don´t mind to look over bikes, I was fine.

The idea was to cycle from Dortmund to Duisburg, starting on the Thursday, returning on the Saturday, but I had a family do on Saturday, so I came back the Friday, having been relieved by another colleague. I decided to use my Rohloff equipped KFS (see earlier posts), and in general it was great. We had to carry our luggage, but the bike didn´t mind at all, and, if anything, the ride improved in spite of the big bags I had on the rack.

XLKRadIt became necessary to sprint in order to overtake the group for a couple of times when the people going in front went too fast, but even then there was no problem. The bike behaved fine.

On the Thursday we set out from Bielefeld station, and what a difference it was from the French trains I used just a few weeks earlier. Bicycle tickets to be bought (and not cheap, either), special luggage vans for bikes,

XLKTrainconductors making sure every last paragraph of the rules was adhered to. In France? No rules, no luggage vans, no tickets, no trouble.

Having arrived in Dortmund in two trains (one alone could not take all our bikes), we set off. We took a break at Phoenixsee, an artificial lake dug to give some sort of mediterranean feeling to a newly developed quarter of the city. Also, the first of a number of geographical presentations was given by one of the students.

XLKSeeThe day went by, accoustically accompanied by the merry sound of bursting tyres. I actually had to delve into the biggest cycle superstore I have ever been to to buy a new tyre because the one I had to replace on a student´s bike had worn tread to a degree at which the inner tube was visible.

Phoenixsee is served by a cyclepath which follows the tracks of a disused railway, and even some bridges have been erected to help cycle traffic.


In all the group behaved very well. In Germany, a group of over 15 cyclists (there were 22 of us in all) can cycle two abreast in the carriageway, not using the cyclepath. After some explaining, not even a trial ride was necessary, and we were happy to hold up motorized traffic and be perfectly legal too. At one point we even were thinking of using the motorway, but after some consideration didn´t.

XLKmotorwayJoke aside, some cyclepaths/provisons for cyclists were really substandard and we were lucky to be in a big group.

Mostly we used byways, though, which was as well, because my colleague was able to use several opportunities to get lost in spite of two satnav devices on his bike´s handlebar.


Dortmund for many spells soccer, so there was one sight we couldn´t leave aside.


In the everning we reached Bochum where we spent the night in a Youth Hostel. It is found in the middle of Bermuda-Dreieck, an amusement quarter, and my guess is that the students made good use of this. However, in the morning they were all up, most even had breakfast, and after packing the bikes,


off we went again. A great bunch they are, all in all, and I was happy to be with them.

On the Friday we visited Zollern II/IV colliery which is quite something. The view from the shaft tower is fantastic, and we were blessed with the most amazing weather. 25 deg C, no wind at all – perfect. On both days, would you believe it.


XLKZollernbldgXLKViewMuseum staff were super friendly, facilities are wonderful (there even are little garages for bikes, free to use).

XLKBoxesAfter some more presentations,

XLKDahlhFor me the ride was over in Gelsenkirchen, and I only wish that more stand in periods could be like this one.

Ride two: Last weekend I took the freshly built up RIH for its first longish ride – 100km of RTF. It´s a really nice rider, and the miles flashed past hardly without me noticing. Descending, ascending – no trouble. Rides straight as an arrow, good amout of flex in the frame to make the bike “plane”.


Starting off early in the morning to cycle to the starting point, there still was some fog which soon was cleared by the sun, and then the weather was perfect.

RIHsunOne control post is at a manor house even, and that´s it again.