Monthly Archives: January 2016

Wood and Coffee

At Marten´s open day on Dec 20, there was one bike which I found highly fascinating although its human powered two wheels were about all with which it qualified to be an exhibit at the event: A late thirties Vianzone wood framed bike.

This one seems to be fully original, including both mudguards, a wood handlebar and a wood seatpin.

I can´t imagine the bike having been ridden overly much, not only because of the wonderfully preserved transfers and lining, but also because of the rather shaky looking bottom bracket, being bolted to the frame with only four none too beefy bolts. I shudder imagining the consequences of only one of their nuts shaking loose.

Also the fork legs being fixed to the crown by only two bolts each isn´t a design feature I´d voluntarily entrust my life to on a tour of the Alps.

Having said that, the bike is a thing of rare beauty, and that´s something.



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