Silverlight Marvel

Seen at Marten Gerritsen´s Tubes and Coffee, of which more later: The most interesting TS there is I guess.


Not much comment necessary – for those who have not been exposed to Silverlights yet: Please refer to Hilary Stone´s booklet on them, still the best publication on the marque, even after 30 years. Ease with Elegance is available on the author´s website and will be among the best cycling books you´ll ever buy.

Here´s some pics:


xthanderailauterwThis is the most phantastic part, to my mind: A Lauterwasser conversion based an a 1950 FM, giving 12 (three chain, four hub) gears in theory.

xthanderleverAll these braze ons show that the frame must have been equipped like that from new.


Can´t make out the frame # – not even when standing in front of the bike


Is this a bracket for a bottle type dynamo?


Sheer beauty – the “T” in the fork crown, the “S” in the headlugs


Happen to all of us, I guess – SA pulley should be metal


The original wing nuts are hard to find

xthan50fm xthanbbcradle xthanbilamseatcl xthanchainstay  xthanderfull   xthandunltransf xthanext xthanextfront xthanfronthub xthanftbrake xthanftforkhole  xthanheadb xthanpedal xthanrearmudg xthansaddlecurvedpin xthanseatstaytops xthansuperhlever xthantopheadl xthantyresize xthanwingnutIt´s Christmas soon… Wishful thinking.



  1. jsm1937
    Posted August 6, 2017 at 11:44 pm | Permalink | Reply

    I checked the Bickerton website and fail to see the Australian connection that you mention. It seems that this bike is an all-English design and production, and that quality is very much absent, at least for the bike you got. That long seat tube and flimsy handlebar do not follow good engineering practice. The more complicated bits involved in the folding arrangement are pretty rudimentary in their execution and do not generate any confidence in the bike as a reliable means of transportation, even a limited one.


    Sergio Montes

    • Posted August 31, 2017 at 4:59 am | Permalink | Reply

      Hi Sergio,
      sorry for my late reaction; I have been sidetracked lately by illness and other things.
      Anyway, there is a definitive Australian connection as far as my bike is regarded: It says “Made in Australia” on the nameplate, see photo. I also had a short email exchange with the maker of the Bickerton site (the private one, not the official one) who also said that there had been limited production down under.
      I agree with you as far as engineering principles and quality of execution are concerned.

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