Tubes and Coffee 2018

Sorry, somewhat late this time, but better late than never.


Last December Marten had his M-Gineeering Tube and Coffee open day again, very enjoyable as ever, friendly company,

nice tubes

and great coffee (and food) inside the warm workshop

on a very grey, cold and snowy day.

The highlights of the day as far as I was concerned were two Alex Singer bikes, a modern solo and an older tandem, of which here are a few details. Starting will the fully plated solo, which is only a few years old.

and then moving over to the tandem.

The attention to detail in those old Singers is quite high, but that goes without saying really.


As a great surprise Marten presented his first frame, a streamlined one in fashion of the day, but very nicely made.

The time passed much too quickly again, and soon we were heading home, but we hope there will be another Tubes and Coffee this year.



  1. Sergio Montes
    Posted February 3, 2019 at 8:57 pm | Permalink | Reply

    The sight of that fully-plated Alex Singer frame prompts me to ask a question, perhaps you or your readers can help in this regard. What happens if you want to paint over the plated elements of the frame? Sometimes one is confronted with the possibility of acquiring a nice vintage bike that has been incorrectly plated by an over-zealous owner. In my case there is an additional consideration. A friend is restoring a Triumph V-8 sports car and in the engine bay there are several parts that were chrome plated later,including valve covers and air filter, etc. They look terrible as well as being incorrect for a proper restoration. Is there a good method for painting over the chromed surface, i.e. suitable primer, preparation of the chromed surfaces?
    Comments will be much appreciated.

    Sergio Montes

    • Posted March 1, 2019 at 6:29 am | Permalink | Reply

      Hi Sergio,
      first, sorry for overlooking your comment for nearly a month.
      Next, I´m sorry I don´t have an off hand idea, but maybe etcher primer helps? I suppose a body workshop will be able to give better advice. If the parts are “just” covers, i.e. not stressed parts, reverse chroming will definitively get rid of the problem.
      Lastly, maybe you can suggest to your friend to get a decent car, like a Volvo, and solve the problem that way? 🙂

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