This month there´s just a little placeholder again, a few headbadges dug up frommy Box and on which I guess I don´t have to give much info, and that´s the purpose, no time. I really should stop this blog, but can´t bring myself to do that after all.SAM_1424

So to begin with, here´s two super famous ones, Claud Butler, and BSA. While BSA were most famous for their motorbikes, CB was instrumental in creating the modern massed start road frame in the UK. The BSA badge is a late one, originally affixed to a frame made in Holland I think.

The middle badge is by Ellis Briggs, the story of which has been told elsewhere in this blog. My favourite brand, and a very nice early badge too.


Clifton Cycles were a small maker in the Merseyside area I think, while Avon is still made in India. Phillips, originally Birmingham based, had had a somewhat adventurous history, mostly made value bikes, but nowadays the name is licensed in China as well as in India after being bought by Raleigh. Phillips parts were available in lightweight catalogues in the thirties and fifties, being the solution that didn´t require as deep a pocket as CL, BSA or Continental brands.


Parkes, Carlton and Raleigh, well known all three of them, and Carlton also ending up under the big Raleigh umbrella.


Lastly two more well known lightweight makers, Fredie Grubb from London and  the Brum Viking.

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