Another Book: Nimführ, Luftschiffahrt

Found this litte volume in a fleamarket the other day. I consider it very interesting and it makes me divert from the NSU bicycle post I thought I´d write.

People who know my book on paced track racing might remember that there was a long history of cyclists who only used bicycles because at the time they were the fastest means of indiviual transport, and who didn´t bat an eyelid to leave bikes for motorized vehicles and then aeroplanes when those became available, or even already swapped over in the developing stages. That means that aeroplanes had much in common with bicycles if you look at design, going beyond the obvious landing gear wheels. For instance the Wright brothers were cycle shop owners and it shows.

Also, in this 1909 book on flying there are a few very interesting illustrations which I find merit a post. Not much comment is needed, so I just let the pics speak for themselves.

Sorry about the bad photos, scanning the fragile book would have destroyed its binding.

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