It´s Doing Me Head In

Why is it that nobody really seems to care about what cyclists need? Why is it that traffic is still seen as near exclusively car based? Aren´t we told all the time to cycle more, how environmentally friendly it is, how good it is for your health and how sustainable?

So why is it then that roads are built all new, using up square miles of landscape,


while the roads feeding this new motorway are fully refurbished

with miles and miles of brand new tarmac, while all the cycle path next to it gets is a couple of shovels full of winter mixture:

And don´t get it wrong, there are enough bits left like these:

They make the cycle path all but unusable, and hitting one of these when going downhill can be nasty.

When will authorities stop saying that cyclists will be catered for when there are any, while cycling is made all but impossible by dangerous, missing and neglected infrastructure?

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